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Kevla Bellydance logo. It has a silhouette of Kevla dancing, and says "Kevla Bellydance"
Book a bellydancer for your special event!
Winnipeg bellydancer Kevla entertaining at a large event. The audience is smiling and clapping.

Kevla provides high quality entertainment at its best!  The party set is a great way to really get the celebration started.  The full set can include a surprise entrance with finger cymbals or a dramatically swirling silk veil, an upbeat and exciting drum solo, or maybe even a sword balancing dance.  The grand finale is a lively fun song to get the guests up and moving.  Audience participation is encouraged!

Each show is tailored specifically to your special event.  Since no two parties are the same, no two shows are the same, either. Traditional  favourites (such as Om Kalthoum) or folkloric styles (like saidi with assaya) can be included for a more traditional and authentic Middle Eastern performance.  Dabke and zeffa are also available upon request.

Show prices start at 200$.  Get a free personalized estimate for your event here!

Need to keep the party going?  One set not long enough?  You can add a second (or third!) at a lower cost.  Each additional set includes a change of costume.

Need something fun for Ladies' Night?
Kevla teaching a bellydance class for a bachelorette party in Winnipeg.

Bellydance is a great way to start off your stagette or bachelorette party, shower, or just a fun girl's night!  This one-hour event will make your guest of honour's night, and can work for groups of all sizes.  Kevla will give a fun, private bellydance lesson for you and your friends.  By the end of the lesson, you'll be able to dance a short and sassy routine together.  What better way to add a few new moves to your repertoire?

1 hour class at your location - 150$

1 hour class with studio rental - 200$

Add a 10 minute performance - 50$

Add an Egyptian Cultural Dance Seminar to your educational experience
Kevla performing a traditional Egyptian zeffa at an Arabic wedding, complete with shamadan (candle holder).

Great for a multicultural day, for students learning about Egypt or the Middle East/North Africa, or anyone interested in learning about the cultural underpinnings of the dance.  This is a one-hour presentation where Kevla talks about some of the cultures of Egypt and how they inform the styles of dance she performs.  She'll teach a few basic folkloric dance steps, as danced by the people living in Egypt, and at the end she'll give a short and traditional performance (complete with traditional folkloric costume).

1 hour class - 150$

Add 10 minute performance - 50$

What's required?
Winnipeg bellydancer Kevla posing comedically with a gold cane (assaya) and an exaggerated smile.

A 50$ deposit is required to book your event and can be paid by cheque or e-transfer.  Deposits are non-refundable.  In the unlikely event that Kevla must cancel due to extreme illness or emergency, your deposit will be returned in full.  The remainder of the payment is due in full upon arrival at the venue and prior to the performance.

Kevla needs a clean and dry dance surface to perform on, and access to a private change room (this can be a restroom, an office, or any room with a door that can be closed).  She will also require a secure place to keep any belongings while performing.

It's best if your sound system can be near the performance area, as it will be easier for both the dancer and the audience to hear the music that way!  A portable sound system can be arranged with advance notice.

Special rates are available for repeat, pre-booked performances.  For bookings outside Winnipeg, additional travel fees apply.  Please contact Kevla to discuss your needs.

All prices include up to 15 minutes of wait time from the start time agreed upon at the time of booking.  If your event runs behind schedule, 15$ for each additional minutes of wait time will be added to the price.  If Kevla has multiple bookings that evening, additional wait time may not be possible, and your deposit will not be returned.

Please note all prices are the minimum standard rates used by professional dancers in Manitoba.  Additional charges apply for short notice, wait time, travel, and some special requests.  Holiday rates apply to special days such as New Year's Eve.

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