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Saturday, February 10

9am - Exploratory Movement in Middle Eastern Dance with Anya

Open to: all levels/all styles
Ready to get a little weird? This class isn't a "belly dance class" it's all about movement/energy/intention/focus and how playing with these different aspects of movement can enhance your dance practice and ability. Prepare to get up to get down.

This workshop is 1 1/2 hours, or 90 minutes long.

10:45am -Travel Steps & Turns with Kevla

Open to: all levels/all styles

Drawing from both western and bellydance influences, we'll explore a wide range of turns and footwork patterns, adding some dynamism and sweeping flow to our bellydance, especially for those who perform on stage.

This workshop is 1 1/2 hours, or 90 minutes long.

1:15pm - Live Drum Solo! with The Lovely Lady Elle

Open to: students with 1-2 years experience/all styles

Your Chance to dance to a live drummer! We have a real treat prepared for you: dancing a live drum solo, played by The Lovely Lady Elle. We will learn short combos and cues that will make up an American or modern style drum solo that will be played on the darbouka. We will drill it in class, and the participants will have the option of performing it live during the Shivers and Shimmies 3rd annual evening show. We will focus on torso isolations, pops and locks, and some modern foot patterns, keeping it spicy, sassy, and animated. (Students are not obligated to perform, but the option is there.)
This workshop is two hours, or 120 minutes long. Please come hydrated and fueled up, bring water, healthy snacks, sweat towel and comfortable workout gear.

Sunday, February 11

9am - Sassy Sa'idi with Asra

Open to: all levels/all styles

What is Sa'idi anyway?  It is a folkloric dance from upper Egypt, based on a men's martial art.  This workshop will show the basic men's fighting moves that are the basis of this dance form. Then you will see how the men's moves are converted to stage-appropriate women's dance that is earthy, sassy, and grounded in the desert sand. We will learn some women's Sa'idi combos. Please bring a cane or assaya if you have one.  Extras will be available to borrow if you don't.

This workshop is 1 1/2 hours, or 90 minutes long.

10:45am - Improv with Anya

Open to: all levels/all styles
Improvisation isn't always a skill that comes naturally to every dancer. Together, we will work with various exercises to find comfort and familiarity within transitions and build your confidence when you don't have a choreography to follow.

This workshop is 1 1/2 hours, or 90 minutes long.

1:15pm - Baladi Progression Master Class with Anya

Open to: students with 3+ years experience

For those who are ready to get a little juicy, we're going to dive into the baladi progression, the creative heart of Egyptian dance and bellydance.  Intended for more advanced students, we'll be exploring what makes a baladi, including technique, attitude, and sensibility.

This workshop is two hours, or 120 minutes long.

One 90 minute workshop (Exploratory Movement, Travel Steps & Turns, Sassy Sa'idi, or Improv) - 25$

One 120 minute workshop  (Live Drum Solo! or Baladi Progression) - 35$

Two 90 minute workshops - 45$

Two 120 minute workshops - 65$

One full day, Saturday or Sunday - 75$

Entire weekend, both days - 145$

Show tickets for Saturday evening gala show - 15$ each

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