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Melissa Gamal

As an experienced instructor, Melissa's classes and workshops are sought after for her attention to technique as well as her knowledge of historical and cultural contexts. She has been invited to teach and perform across Canada, the USA, and in Egypt. As a guest in this cultural art form, she travels regularly to Egypt for her own personal studies, in order to bring the most informed and up-to-date instruction to her classes.

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February 9

6pm-9pm: Sagat Masterclass

Open to: Advanced level dancers


This masterclass workshop is intended for a more advanced dancer.  We'll start by learning some of the musician style finger cymbal techniques, and then start working it into our dancing. Start the weekend right by challenging your brain, your body, and your fingers!

Saturday, February 10

10am-12pm: Shimmy Layering and Drum Solo

Open to: all levels/all styles


The first
part of this workshop focuses on some of the shimmies and layering techniques often used in Egyptian drum solos, which we'll then use in a super fun drum solo choreography.

1pm-3pm: Hear It, Feel It, Dance It: Musicality for Dancers

Open to: All levels/all styles


This afternoon is a deep dive into what we're hearing in Egyptian music, and how to interpret that into our bodies for dance in a way that's both intuitive and thoughtful.  Sound like a contradiction?  You'll just have to jump in and see how it works!

February 11

10am-12pm: Cairo Trends and Shaabi Style

Open to: All levels/all styles

CLOSED - workshop full

It can be hard to keep up to date with the current trends from half a world away, but luckily we have a Melissa, who travels to Cairo several times a year. She'll show us the hott
est music and dance trends, so you too can keep up with the kids these days.

1pm-3pm: Golden Era Stylings

Open to: All levels/all styles


What sets apart the bellydance legends of the golden era (1940-1970) from the modern Egyptian dance stars?  Stylization!  Find out how just a few changes in your dance can take you from modern to classic, and what you can learn from the most beloved dancers from that era.

Bundle your workshops and save money!

Friday Masterclass: 100$

One workshop (Sat or Sun): 70$

One full day (Sat or Sun): 130$

Four workshop package, Sat and Sun: 250$

plus BONUS: the four workshop package includes one free ticket to the Saturday night gala show!

Show tickets for Saturday night gala show: 20$ in advance, 25$ at the door

Shivers & Shimmies limited edition t-shirt: 35$

Payment Plans Available

Wanting to come to the workshops, but money is hard?  If you've been waiting until you can get the money together to register, but you're worried about being able to save your spot, we have great  news.  We take payment plans!  Any package over 100$ (ie: anyone wanting to take more than one workshop over the weekend) is eligible.  Getting your spot to study with Melissa Gamal just got easier!

Contact if you'd like to set up a payment plan for your workshop weekend.

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